Dessert מסעדת לונדון תל אביב

Ice Cream Sundaes
Cookie chunky monkey 38
Banana Cabana 38
Ballerina Pavlova 38
Sweet Zebra 38
Ice Cream and Cake Combos
The Tower of Pisa 54
tower of cream puffs filled with vanilla cream and covered with chocolate fondant, two scoops of ice cream of your choice, garnished with whipped cream and chocolate syrup
Family Sized Belgian Waffle 54
Baba Ice Cream 36
A savarina sandwich with vanilla ice cream, in a pool of strawberry syrup, garnished with a dab of whipped cream
Individual Belgian Waffle 34
Chocolate Rock 42
Mediterrano 48
Whiskey Mania 44
Tiramisu Special 44
Two scoops of tiramisu ice cream, a scoop of Belgian chocolate ice cream, dusted with cocoa, served with biscotti, alongside a glass of espresso to warm things up.
Chocoholic Ice 44
Choco Lulu's Fantasy 84
A family-sized ice cream serving made up of eight scoops of your choice, on a bed of seasonal fruit, with whipped cream & a waffle
Pinocchio Ice Cream 30
Muesli Ice Cream 38
Homemade Ice Cream Cakes
Nutella Ice Cream Cake 34
Grandma's cheese cake 28
Cheese & crumbs cake
Snowhite in the woods 28
Whipped cheese cake coated with blackberries
London's kadahiff 28
Whipped cream on baked kadahiff noodles with honey
London's sabarina 28
Sponge cake filled with fresh whipped cream with strawberries (seasonal), sugar syrup & rum
Cherry lady tort 28
Whipped dark & milk chocolate tort with cherries
Vienna style shtrudel 28
Served with warm anglaise sacue & vannila ice cream
Helena 28
Chocolate mousse covered with thin layer of chocolate genash filled with brulee' cream
Suprise chocolate 32
Chocolate ball filled with cookies cream, melted by hot Chocolate sauce
Apple pie 22
Layer of short crisry pastry with fresh baked apples, served with a scoop of vannila ice cream
Hazel nuts pie 22
Layer of short crisry pastry with caramelized pecans & hazel nuts
Strawberry tartlet 22
Layer of short crisry pastry with patisserie cream & fresh strawberries (seasonal)
Lemon pie 22
Crispy layer of dough with lemon cream coated with caramelized sugar
Fruitshakes & Milkshakes
Fruitshake 22
Flavors: banana, strawberry, pineapple, melon, lychee, mango
Pirate Shake 24
Fruitshake of mango, pineapple & lychee with orange juice
Classic Shake 24
Fruitshake of strawberry, banana & milk
Mogli Choco Shake 28
Strawberry, banana, date, chocolate & pecan
Milkshake 32
flavors: vanilla, strawberry, cappuccino, swiss cookies, chocolate, dolce de leche
Fruit of the season
Watermelon (seasonal) 36
Extra feta cheese 12
Hot Beverages
Irish Coffee Deluxe 26
Cappunilla (Afugato) 24
A scoop of vanilla ice cream served with espresso.
C appuccino 14
Espresso 12/14
Americano 14
Cafe latte 16
Turkish coffee 12
Sicillian coffee 18
Espresso, whipped cream & chocolate syrup
Tea 12
Hot Coco 18
Served with flake chocolate bar
Irish coffee 26
Coffee with bailey's irish cream
Extra whipped cream 10
Cold Beverages
Fresh squeezed juice 16
Orange, Lemonade, Carrot
Squeezed juice 35
1 Lt Pitcher
Fresh squeezed Apple juice 22
Lemon lime London 18
7up served with squeezed lemon juice & mint (regular/diet)
Lemon & mint granita 18
Pepsi, 7 up, Mirinda 13
Soda water 10
Mineral water 13
San Benedetto
Sparkling mineral water 13
San Benedetto
Sparkling mineral water 26
San Benedetto 750cc
Energy drink 14
Cold cocoa 18
Ice tea 16
Lemon/Peach, regular/diet
Ice coffee granita 18